We are fee only advisors – that means we are only paid by you – our customers. The only exception are some insurance products which are still sold on commission – should something like that be necessary for your situation, these would be disclosed in advance.

We are not collecting any commissions on trading securities in your account, we do not accept payments from fund companies (“placement fees”, “12b1 fees”), nor do we have any other conflicting businesses.

We provide comprehensive wealth management services with a following schedule based on Assets Under Management:

Under $1,000,000 – 1% annually

Between $1,000,001 and $2,500,000 – 0.9% annually

Between $2,500,001 and $5,000,000 – 0.8% annually

Above $5,000,001 – $35,000 annually flat fee

These fees are payable quarterly in advance.


We also provide project based services – if you prefer us to work on specific tasks, such as a financial plan, portfolio review, portfolio rebalance. In this case we charge hourly fee of $250.


Whichever approach you choose, we are always bound by fiduciary duty.


Our goal is to guide you to the best possible outcome for your situation.

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