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We see farther because we are relentless and not afraid to ask tough questions

Honey Badger Advisors LLC is an independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA). We help individuals, families and businesses achieve their financial security. Financial decisions are truly personal – they impact us and our loved ones. Why would you look for such advice from a roboadvisor where a computer program decides based on questionnaires? Or from a mega firm where personal is reserved only for those who have 9 figure investment?

Honey Badger Advisors was formed because we want to bring professional investing and personal touch to all our clients.

Are You Asking Yourself These Questions?

- Will I be able to retire? When?
- What kind of lifestyle will I be able to afford when I retire? 
- What can I do today to achieve my desired lifestyle in retirement? 
- Are my dependents protected in case something unexpected happens? 
- What happens to my family if I get disabled?
- How do I leave a legacy for my family and causes I care about?

These are the questions we can help you answer. Maybe you are not ready for an appointment, so instead of a formal introductory call, you can select a time for me to call you and we can chat for a few minutes about your situation.

Our Fundamental Values

 Independent – our advice is centered solely on your needs. We don’t need to meet sales quotas or push latest fad products. We have an open platform that enables us to pick the best funds available and offer the solutions that best fit your situation.


 Unbiased – we are not restrained by competing business interests. We are not involved in M&A, securitization, equity origination, so we can offer unfiltered opinion.


 Fierce – just like our name sake, Honey Badger, we are small but unafraid to tell you what large complex organization with multiple lines of business won’t.


 Fiduciary – we are fee only advisors – we won’t sell your data to Hedge Funds, we don’t take payments from outside managers to place their products. Your best interest is our best interest. The only commissions we accept are for providing insurance products – this is unavoidable as it is how the insurance market works – however the insurance advice falls under the RIA fiduciary standards, where we only take your best interest in consideration.

 Our Pledge – we do not engage in high pressure sales or any other “sales strategies”. We do not sell products, we provide solutions for your financial security.

Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

Many people hesitate because the cost of the financial advice may seem high up front. For independent advisors this fee is a small percentage of assets that you entrust us to manage for you.

One of the misconceptions that might explain this is that it is generally assumed that financial advisor is someone who picks investments for you. While that is part of the work we do, the majority of our advice is focused on helping you define your goals and then making sure you stay on the path. We look into the whole picture of your financial well being (risk mitigation – insurance, saving rate and budgeting, investment allocation and management) in order to help you achieve your goals.

Investor surveys show that the public is far more prepared to pay for research on latest “hot investment” than for a holistic advice. This is misguided as research shows that approximately 87% of investment returns is due to asset allocation, i.e. being in proper asset rather then individual star investments. Hence independent investors buy into markets when the greed is in abundance and market is near the top, and once the markets go down and panic sets in, they sell and book a loss. This process (buy high/sell low) can be repeated until no savings are left – works great for the institutions on the other side of your trades, but not for you.

When we get sick, we seek advice of a doctor. When we need legal documents created or filed, we seek advice of a lawyer. Why then attempt to work on financial security on our own?

The right question is – can you afford not to hire a financial advisor?

Why Pick an Independent Advisor?

Why not go with the large integrated banking firms?

 In Large Firms:

  • Need large investment to get truly personal advice
  • Multiple lines of business means competing interests that influence advice
  • Size allows them to force third party managers to pay “shelf space” fees, in return for being promoted to clients
  • Promoting in house products and financial structures
  • Use large stable firms to custody your assets
  • Advisor turnover and sales pressure, only the biggest producers survive.

 With Honey Badger Advisors:

  • Fiduciary, fee only model. Your best interest is our best interest.
  • No competing business interests, no pressure to sell you the most expensive product out there.
  • Use the same large stable firms to custody your assets.
  • Open platform gives us the ability to offer you the investments that best fit your needs.
  • We only hire people who are passionate about helping others achieve their financial goals. We hire only the most qualified people.
  • We answer your calls personally

Ready to talk? Contact us today for free evaluation!


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