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Planning for the future and providing financial security is one of the most daunting tasks for any person or family. It doesn’t help that there is a myriad of products, many lacking in transparency and an overload of financial information. Working with a financial advisor can help cut through the jargon and keep you on your goal. At Honey Badger Advisors, the goal is to keep things simple and de cluttered – we don’t want to sell you the most complicated (and inevitably the most expensive) product in the market – we want to work with you to understand why we are recommending a particular course of action.

The base of financial advisory is risk management. How much risk one can undertake is not easily measured and has a lot to do with individual attitudes. There is however the common area that applies to most – risks that most people can’t usually cover from their own means:

  • Protect the ability to earn income – disability insurance
  • Protect dependents in case of death.

How to build financial security varies greatly by the stage in life, current financial situation and attitudes toward risk.

The castle of your financial security stands on strong insurance foundation.

At Honey Badger Advisors we will first evaluate your current situation, then identify your goals – such as near term spending needs (e.g. house) vs. long term savings (e.g. retirement) and then proceed to suggest the appropriate course of action. Typically this would encompass strengthening your defenses (insurance), cataloguing legal documents (wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living will), building and investing portfolio(s) and savings strategy.

*Please note – Honey Badger Advisors is not a law office and none of our employees are lawyers, thus we are not able to provide legal advice. We can offer general information on what particular legal documents you need, but they will have to be crafted by attorneys – we can coordinate work with your attorneys or provide you with references to legal offices that can handle these tasks.


Our goal is to guide you to the best possible outcome for your situation.

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