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Financial Planning

Life is uncertain. Achieving financial security requires planning and tenacity to stick to the goals. We use technology to find insights into your financial situation and offer you solutions. We look into your cash flows and lifestyle to offer you guidance into achieving your goals.


Retirement is by far one of the greatest concerns for majority of people. Tremendous progress in medical care means that those retiring today are looking at about 20-30 years of retirement. To maintain desired lifestyle, careful planning is necessary.

Investment Management

Investing successfully is a matter discipline and empirical science based approach to asset allocation. Around 87% of portfolio return is attributable to being in right asset categories. Yet majority of individual investors are all too happy to pay for “the next unicorn”, neglecting research backed approaches. We have a data based approach for manager selection and portfolio optimization. This helps you stay on your target.

Risk Management - Insurance

There are certain risks in life that most people are unable to handle financially. Death and disability are the most prominent. This is where we use insurance policies to secure financial well being of those who depend on us. While most people understand the risk of death and the precarious situation it puts dependents in, the risk of disability is neglected. The facts though are much more stark – at age 30 a person is 4 times more likely to become disabled than to die during their working life.

Solutions for Institutions

Institutional investors need a structured process to manage their assets according to the Investment Policy Statement. We have experience with Endowments, Foundations, meeting their investment needs, presenting to their boards and helping structure IPS.

Solutions for Companies

Retirement planning is one of the central worries for most people – and beside Social Security – majority of employees rely on some type of company plan for their retirement funds.

A Retirement plan is a great retention tool and helps employees save for their future. At the same time it provides tax savings for the company as well as employees. A well structured plan can provide a lot of flexibility to reward key personnel.

We have partnered with the top retirement platform in the USA to provide  your company with the best possible solution.

Solutions for Advisors

Are you a successful advisor that enjoys servicing your clients? Would you rather spend time advising your clients then doing due diligence of third party managers and constructing portfolios?

We can help – contact us to discuss our outsourced Chief Investment Officer services.

Our goal is to guide you to the best possible outcome for your situation.

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