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Bozidar Jovanovic, PhD, CFA, Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Bozidar got his PhD in physics from Boston University in 1999. His scientific curiosity lead him to financial services where he spent over 20 years doing research and managing investment portfolios. Through the years he created trading strategies for both traditional long only and alternative investment firms. This insight enabled him to successfully select and rank outside investment managers and recognize those who have potential for persistence.

He became Chief Portfolio Strategist for Bank Leumi in New York, creating the centralized recommended investment lists and model portfolios that were spanning the risk tolerance spectrum, as well as thematic portfolios. He was directly managing $125 million and was responsible for asset allocation for the $3 Billion Assets under management.

The greatest measure of success was to help clients – individuals, families, foundations – reach their financial goals. Honey Badger Advisors is a result of this desire to help clients stay on track and achieve their goals – by offering common sense advice, clear of jargon, understandable, yet following the research backed approaches to investing.

Career Highlights:

  • PhD, Physics, Boston University 1999
  • CFA Charterholder since 2003
  • Certificate in Quantitative Finance 2009
  • Bloomberg LP, built derivatives calculators and portfolio management tools
  • Stonebrook Structured Products, built statistical arbitrage strategy and managed futures strategy
  • Brown Brothers Harriman, built a factor based relative value strategy for Mortgage Backed Securities 
  • FrontPoint Partners, asset allocation and optimization of the multistrategy portfolio
  • Halbis Capital, built and managed multistrategy portfolio
  • Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, head desk strategist, leading the team that provided valuation models for multitude of security products
  • Adjunct Professor of Finance at Manhattanville College of Professional Studies – from 2009 to 2017, developed the MS in Finance and taught graduate level classes in financial analysis and portfolio management 
  • Leumi Investment Services, Chief Portfolio Strategist, building manager selction and evaluation from ground up, managing discretionary portfolios, supporting private bankers with client portfolio construction and management 

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